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Galgorm Resort & Spa

Galgorm Resort & Spa

It is a part of our heritage, part of our natural world, but just on a higher plane of indulgence!

The Galgorm Resort and Spa began life in the 18th century as one of our most gracious country houses. Today it is an internationally renowned spa hotel. Just outside Ballymena, even the drive up the glorious long tree-lined entrance fills you with expectation.

A river runs through

Set amidst woodland on the banks of the plunging River Maine, guests wander its 163 acres, relax in wood-fired hot tubs overlooking the river or in tranquil garden settings, take yoga in meditation rooms or lie back on waterbeds before the 20 metre indoor leisure pool, letting the neck and back massage cannons ease their stress away. Natural woods, subdued colours, beautiful aromas from scented candles in all is tranquillity.

The Thermal Village

In the heart of the Thermal Village, centred around the indoor leisure pool, be-robed guests are guided through corridors lit by floor lamps, the atmosphere perfumed by scented candles, and into state-of-the-art rooms prepared for a beguiling choice of wonderful treatments. There is deep relaxation massage, bodies nurtured by warm stones and all kinds of facials, skin care and massages, using luxurious products.

Galgorm | Shaped by Sea and Stone
The sense of serenity is retained as guests emerge from their treatments, wandering to the riverside...

The Celtic Sauna Master

Even the sauna and steam rooms can be enjoyed in new and innovative ways. For a truly Scandinavian experience, emerge from the heat of the Sanarium to the extreme cold of the nearby snow cabin, where ice lines the walls, powdered snow the floor. Then there is the Celtic Sauna, a kind of steamy hot meditation, where a Sauna Master agitates the essential oil infused air with towels to lessen the heat and allow you to stay longer.

Afternoon tea amidst the cherry orchards

The sense of serenity is retained as guests emerge from their treatments, wandering to the riverside or to private hot tubs or heated cabins or perhaps to enjoy afternoon teas amidst the cherry orchards, imported Tuscan trees or innovative waterfall sculptures of the beautiful gardens.


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