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McKee’s Home Bakery

McKee’s Home Bakery is a family run business serving and producing a wide range of breads, buns, cakes and pies in the heart of the coastal village of Whitehead, on the beautiful Causeway Coastal Route.

Over the past 20 years McKee’s have developed their own special delicacies which include: scotch eggs with black pudding, flavoured soda, potato and wheaten breads, flavoured pancakes and they even make their own croissants from scratch. Not all specially flavoured treats are available at the same time as they mix up their retail offering throughout the year. However, if you ring in the day before they will make what you are looking for. Nothing in the bakery is bought in and they love to get creative and offer sampling opportunities! Every day you will find many types of buns, cakes and breads.

Apart from their fresh and delicious baked goods, which you can literally see being baked onsite, they also sell takeaway sandwiches, soups, sausage rolls and stews with lunchtime specials. Where else would you get soup and a bap for £1!


9 Windsor Avenue
BT38 9RX


(028) 9337 2429

54.754806518555, -5.7118368148804

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 05.30 - 18.00
Saturday: 05.30 - 17:30
Closed Sunday.